Importance of growing up milk

Growing-up milk provides the right quality and quantity of nutrients during your child’s intense period of growth:

  • It is fortified with vitamins and minerals (vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, iodine, zinc) to support toddlers’ specific needs.
  • It contains a unique blend of prebiotics to support the immune system. J Prebiotic fibres reduce the likelihood of constipation.
  • It contains LCPs, a type of healthy fats essential for brain and visual development.

Growing-up milk provides a wide range of benefits to fit into a healthy diet, as opposed to adult’s milk which is not recommended for your child younger than 6 years as it contains higher levels of sodium and proteins, lower levels of some minerals & vitamins and no fibres. On top, it lacks essential fatty acids that are key for healthy brain development.

Importance of Growing Up Milk in the toddler’s diet

Growing Up Milks are formulated to fit into a healthy diet and deliver nutrients that help fill in the nutrition gaps in the diet. Sometimes, some nutrients are not adequate in the diet and Growing Up Milks can help. To help meet the nutrient needs of toddlers, Growing Up Milk is specially formulated with nutrients not found in cow’s milk, thus offering a balanced diet to your little ones. While cow’s milk is high in protein and low in other vitamins and minerals, Growing Up Milk has a lower level of protein and sodium to provide a more balanced nutritional intake to your toddler. Growing Up Milk also nurtures toddler’s specific needs through fortified content such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, iron and zinc.

Impact of Growing Up Milk on immunity

While fortification serves to fill dietary gaps, it would be great to have benefits that go beyond providing nourishment. Growing Up Milk not only contains the nutrients that help a growing body grow, but it also contains ingredients that support the development of your toddler’s immune system! Since maintenance of intestinal health is very important for toddlers, Growing Up Milk contains special fibers called prebiotics which are proven to feed the good bacteria in our intestines. Also included in Growing Up Milk are healthy fats called LCPs. In a large multi-country study about Growing Up Milk, the data indicated that toddlers in daycare centers who were fed Growing Up Milk containing these special prebiotic fibers and healthy fats, had a reduced risk of infection. Therefore, a toddlers growing immune system can be nourished through dietary intervention with specially formulated Growing Up Milk.

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