Natural pain relief in labour

Are you anxious about the pain associated with childbirth? Labour does hurt, but there are ways to manage it without medicine. Here are a few natural pain relief options to keep yourself as comfortable and relaxed as possible throughout labour.

Natural pain relief in labour can be a great alternative to a pharmaceutical one. Here are 7 methods of natural pain relief in labour you can choose from. Consider your options, but don’t forget to go and see your doctor before you make a decision.

  1. Water

Water immersion in labour offers benefits for you, including pain relief, relaxation and comfort. The water’s buoyancy helps to ensure the labour isn’t going to stop. Showers also soothe. You can stand, and direct the shower head at your lower back to supress any pain.

  1. Position

Being comfortable can make a huge difference to both your physical and mental state. Mobility is important in labour. Working with your body, in time with contractions, can result in less pain.

  1. Massage

Pressure onto a certain area can have a positive effect. You can ask your husband to give you a firm back massage. A massage can be given on the shoulders, head, back, feet, legs and hands.

  1. Environment

Turning the lights off or down, playing music, or silence are just some of the ways in which you can change your environment to change your overall mood.

  1. Heat

Heat packs can soothe pain, when placed on areas of discomfort. Remember to wrap the bottle in a towel or soft cover before you use it to avoid overheating.

  1. Drink water and eat if you’re hungry

Try to keep hydrated during labour. Depending on what you eat, it may help you during times of pain. For example, carbs that release energy slowly can help during your contractions.

  1. Practice breathing techniques

Taking deep breaths during labour helps to send extra oxygen to the muscles, which helps release tension and allows your muscles to relax. Try to take deep breaths during labour. Do this by breathing in through your nose and slowly breathing out through you mouth.

Please visit our Delivery Room section to learn more about your pain relief options.

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