Is there anything I can do to speed things up a bit?

You are ready for the baby to arrive. But your baby isn’t yet ready to come out. Find out what you can do to help things along.

The anticipation really starts to build in the last few days as you get closer to the first cuddle with your new baby. And although you may feel as if life is on hold, it won’t be forever! Overdue pregnancies are extremely common – in fact, four out of five babies are born after their due date. So try and make the most of this time by relaxing, your baby will come when they’re ready!

If you are feeling a little impatient, try doing some very gentle exercise like walking. In your 41st week, your doctor will usually discuss inducing you and plan this in for week 42, but this can vary.

Remember once they’ve induced labour, things might progress pretty quickly so be prepared! You’ll still experience all of the same stages of labour, but it could be a little quicker. On the other hand, it can sometimes take a couple of days to get things moving, so don’t panic if nothing happens immediately!

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Know your baby’s
due date

When was the first day of your last
menstrual period?

Know your baby’s
due date

RESULT Estimated due date (40 week full term)

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