I’m so nervous about the birth

As the big day comes close, you’re bound to have anxieties about giving birth. You’ve probably heard stories from other women and can’t help wondering what your experience will be like. Just remember that no two births are the same. Here are a few things you can do to make your birth experience easier.

It’s natural to feel nervous about giving birth, especially if it’s your first time. The truth is, it is going to hurt but it’s important to keep in mind that your body is brilliantly designed for childbirth. For instance, your body will release chemicals called endorphins to help see you through it. This should help you to overcome some of your nerves but if you still need to talk things over or if you have any questions, speak to your doctor or contact our team.

How to build your confidence up

Right now you probably have a million and one questions about the stages of labour and what happens during childbirth. And often, it’s this feeling of not knowing that causes so much stress and worry. However, you will be pleasantly surprised about how much more you really know without realizing it.

Don’t panic! Go through your birth plan again. Nothing gives you more confidence than being prepared. Make sure to read through our section on the three stages of labour, as you will find it useful and it will clarify most of your uncertainty.

Talk it through

Most importantly, don’t bottle it up! Talk to your husband or doctor about your concerns and you can also chat to other mums-to-be in our forums. You could also speak to any of your friends who have already had children, as they probably had the same questions and worries as you before giving birth.

Antenatal classes

An antenatal class is also a great place to talk about your fears and find out more information. These classes help you understand labour and can answer some of the questions you may have. They also offer practical information you may find useful when you take your baby home.

The other parents-to-be at the class will be going through the same thing you are, so it’s an ideal opportunity to make friends and chat through your worries too.

And don’t forget the end result!

Whilst everyone knows labour is painful, it happens for a relatively short time and at the end of all your hard work you’ll have a wonderful baby! It can help spur you on if you keep thinking about your new family and the happy times you’ll share.

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